Pepe Del Ramo
Pepe Del Ramo

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Since 2012 Team Sepura have received more than 200 helmets from Catlike and Topbikes. We continue the cooperation through Sepura XC Superior, with their new top model Mixino. We’ve had a chat with founder and owner of Catlike, also a former Pro cyclist, Pepe Del Ramo.
With the Whisper model, Catlike changed the way one think about helmet design and you definitely still have helmets that "stand out in a crowd" today. What can you say about the innovation process behind the helmets, and the balance between design and performance??
The Whisper is the result of a previous study concerning abrasión impact. The positioning of all the holes with more or less the same distance in between allows for providing better impact absorption, thanks to the union of the various orifices, such as the honeycomb of bees. Based on this principle, we study the design looking for better safety + comfort + sustained volume. The goal of any good helmet is to obtain safety, so all the innovations will be targeted on this fundamental purpose. For example with the new model Mixino we have achieved significant improvements over the Whisper. One of them was incorporation of graphene nanofibers into the helmet roll cage, improving safety, comfort and weight, and making us the first brand using graphene globally.

It seems like Catlike has a solid market position, also in Norway. In your view, what are your most important advantages over your competitors?
Norway is a very attractive market for Catlike and our distributor. They are doing a great job. To have a good image in Norway and globally is very important to us. This involves enormous efforts of all our departments and the challenge to continue to seek the best materials and innovative designs to be a high-level reference brand in all markets. One of the additional and essential benefits with our distributors is that we can control all production processes from our plant in Spain. Thanks to our laboratory and engineers working there, we can continuously keep on innovating and producing safer and more comfortable helmets, to find new materials and establish cooperation agreements with institutions and universities to probe new horizons, for example The Ceama, belonging to the University of Granada.

When deciding on sponsoring teams and athletes, what are your most important evaluation criterias?
Undoubtedly, for us as a brand to have cooperation with a team like Movistar is very fundamental, and every year we do significant effort to be able to be in the Pro Tour circus. This gives us a powerful image at an international level. Then, Catlike always tries to help those athletes who have greater difficulty to be sponsored, especially Paralympic athletes and also those suggested to us from our distributors, thinking it may be helpful to their interests.

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